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Course Syllabi
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The Journey of Transformation
This first course in the University Core Curriculum seeks to forge a community of conversation...
Seton Hall Multiple
RELG-4480: On the Priesthood
St. John Chrysostom’s beloved classic On the Priesthood serves as the “textbook” and the...
Hellenic College Demetrios Katos
Introduction to Ethics
In one sense, no one needs to be introduced to ethics. We’ve all heard about ethics quite a lot,...
Northwestern College Randy Jensen
Discernment and Christian Decision Making
This course introduces participants to the teachings on discernment found within the Christian...
College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Marian Diaz
Spiritual Companioning and Vocation
This course will introduce participants to the ministry of spiritual companioning and its...
College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Marian Diaz
The Biblical Theme of Shalom
This course will cover the entire Bible in its study of this important idea. Beginning with Genesis...
Whitworth College Terry McGonigal
Ministry and the Arts
The overall purpose of this course is three-fold:1)Practice the Presence of God through meditations...
Whitworth College Judy Mandeville
Special Topics in Vocation
Welcome to the first Whitworth course on vocation! You are part of a pilot project: a program on...
Whitworth College Terry McGonigal
Soul Care Through the Life Stages
This Certification for Ministry course considers human developmental stages across the entire life...
Whitworth College Suzette McGonigal
Finding Your Calling: The Renaissance Within
Vocation, or calling, is a vital theme in theology and literary history, developed over five...
Santa Clara University Diana Dreher
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