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Mashal Saif
Mashal's research project shaped her vocational and educational path.
Macalester College
Chris Fletcher
Chris' education at Macalester opened a path to work that integrates his commitments and skills.
Macalester College
Anna Lifson
Anna's involvement in a congregation shaped her views of religion.
Macalester College
Courtney Schutt
Courtney has been involved with Calvin's Jubilee Fellows Program and as a Worship Apprentice. Both of these grant programs have shaped Courtney’s understanding of vocation and her plans for the future.
Calvin College
Sarah Kingsbery
Sarah spent a semester at Lexington Theological Seminary through Translyvania's Semester at Seminary program. She states, "My semester at seminary was a very meaningful experience that has only whetted my appetite for when I get a chance to become a full-time graduate student of religion and faith."
Transylvania University
Safia Mohamoud
Safia states, "These experiences proved that my spiritual life and inner passions did not have to be separate, but could be fused. I accepted this idea, even if it defied conventional and traditional paths of 'ministry.'" Safia is pursuing a Master of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary.
Howard University
Tammi Talen
At the end of four years at Calvin, Tammi articulates vocation “as not just the profession I choose to work in, but how I use my gifts and passions in my day to day life. Vocation is what God has called me to do, although the passions that come with it can be used in a variety of different professions.”
Calvin College
Dean Kladder
Dean is currently pursuing a Master’s of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary. He cites his involvement in Lilly-funded programs at Calvin as a main reason he was able to discern this call. For Dean, the concept of vocation is part of everyday life.
Calvin College
Arabella Littlepage
Arabella states, "I was encouraged and affirmed through the discernment process and exposed to various aspects, topics, and issues surrounding the call to vocational ministry." Upon completion of the Master of Divinity degree at Wesley Theological Seminary, Arabella hopes to pursue an appointment in full-time ministry
Howard University
Matthew Ackerman
Matthew has been involved with Calvin’s Lilly Vocation Grant since 2002. For Matt, vocation is all about listening to God. His participation in the Lilly Vocation Project at Calvin gave him the vocabulary and understanding to better articulate vocation.
Calvin College
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