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Unleash the Power of Purpose in Your Life
An article by Bill Millard of Indiana Wesleyan University, featured in the newsletter Life Calling Explorations, describes his own vocational journey and gives a conceptual model for vocational reflection that he has named "Life Calling Conceptual Model and Discovery Process."
Bill Millard
Toward a Mennonite Theology of Vocation
Keith Graber Miller from Goshen College presented the this paper at Cultivating a Culture of Calling: Mennonite Perspectives on Vocation Conference on October 20, 2005.
Keith Graber Miller
Open Space Proceedings: PTEV National Student Conference
Unedited and unexpurgated--The Open Space Proceedings from the PTEV National Student Conference, October 13-15, in Indianapolis, IN! Students from 86 of the 88 PTEV colleges and universities suggested topics of interest and hosted other students in conversation during four sessions over two days.
A Purpose Guided Approach to Navigating College Transitions
An article by Bill Millard of Indiana Wesleyan University, featured in the newsletter Life Calling Explorations, describes several developmental models for vocational discernment.
Bill Millard
Job, Career, Vocation: The Difference is in the Calling
The March 2002 issue of Goshen College's Alumni Magazine is dedicated to the difference between job, career, and vocation.
Goshen College
Incorporating Vocation and Social Change into Leadership Development Programs
This presentation was given by Jon Dooley, Assistant Dean of Student Development at Marquette University, and incorporates information from the Manresa Project at Marquette.
Jon Dooley
The Theological Exploration of Vocation Among Students
This powerpoint presentation was given by Don Thompson of Pepperdine University at the PTEV Final Conference in February of 2007 during the "Student Vocational Development Panel" in response to the question: What impacts and effects is the theological exploration of vocation having on students?
Cindy Miller-Perrin, Don Thompson
Augustana College's President Describes His Own Vocational Journey
A college president reflects on his life in this article.
Steven C. Bahls
"What Is College For?"
In this segment of On Point, the NPR show broadcast from Boston that features news and conversations with thinkers from around the globe, Anthony Kronman asks, 'What is college for?' with host Tom Ashbrook, Jack Beatty from The Atlantic Monthly, and Robert Oden, president of Carleton College.

Coordination Office
"A Conference Named Desire" – Luke 2:21- 38
This homily was presented by the Reverend Gail Bowman, university chaplain and VisionQuest program director at Dillard University in New Orleans, during the 2005 PTEV National Student Conference.
Gail Bowman
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